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The Diocese of Cochin came into existence on 4th Feb. 1557 having the jurisdiction extending from Canannore to Cape Comorin and Ceylon on the west Coast and the entire India East coast including Burma. The first bishop of Cochin was Dom George Temudo (1557-1567) He ruled the Diocese efficiently, settled many disputes and acted as a peace maker. During the time of Dom Temudo he could enlist excellent cooperation and support of Raja of Cochin in order to sail smoothly along with establishment of institutions. Following him the other Bishops of Cochin were establishing many social, educational and humanitarian projects together with the spiritual care of the people. Accordingly the educational institutions were started in various parts of the Diocese in connection with the parishes. All these schools were independently managed by the parish as single management. Bishop Joseph Kureethara, the 33rd Bishop of Cochin after taking charge his office as bishop of Cochin on 21st December 1975, started to form a Corporate Educational Agency for the Diocese of Cochin as per the Kerala Educational Acts & Rules. After many discussions the Diocesan Senate has decided to form a Corporate Educational Agency for the Diocese. Then on 1979 April 11th Bishop Joseph Kureethara send an application to DPI for the approval and the DPI by order no. K.Dis.10370/81/42 dated 5/7/81 approved CEA. The Corporate Educational Agency started functioning from 1st April 1981 onwards as the Bishop of Cochin being the General Manger and then entrusted his power to various priests of the Diocese as his Power of Attorney holder. The first Corporate Manager was Msgr. Paul Kattissery, he was followed by Fr. Francis Fernandez from 15-11-1983 onwards; he was followed by Fr. Josey Kandanattuthara from 29-1-2001onwards; he was followed by Fr. Thomas Parathara from 29-01-2006 onwards; he was followed by Fr. Francis Kurisumkal from 03/01/2009 onwards, and Fr. Joppy Koottumkal took over office on 30/01/2016. Now the CEA has 4 higher secondary schools and 8 high schools and 2 Upper Primary Schools and 15 Lower Primary Schools.

Bishop Joseph Kariyil Bishop Joseph Kureethara Fr Joppy Koottumkal

Bishop Joseph Kariyil
General Manager - CEA

Bishop Joseph Kureethara
Founder - CEA

Fr. Joppy Koottumkal
Corporate Manager - CEA