Office Bearers


The call and mission of the disciples of Christ is to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. This has a special significance in the life of a catholic teacher. A teacher's life and teaching should be a real model to the children to bring them up as good citizens. Education for the integral development of the children call for sincere and dedicated service from the part of the teachers which will enlighten our nation, society and the church. Being inspired by this, a seminar was conducted in Mannanam in 1956 to equip all the catholic teachers to act decisively. Following which some other seminars and discussions were held. In the light of the above discussions, on 18th May, 1968 the organization named 'Kerala Catholic Teachers' Guild' was formed including all the teachers from the primary to the university level.

The organization started to function in the Diocese of Cochin at the initial stage itself. Gradually the activities diminished. In this situation, to rekindle the activities of Kerala Catholic Teachers' Guild, Late Rt Rev. Dr. Joseph Kureethara gave a special instruction to the General Manager of Corporate Educational Agency Rev. Dr. Francis M.J. Fernandez to convene a meeting of all the representatives at 'Shalom' on 26th March, 1988.

The meeting honoured by the graceful presence of our late bishop was attended by Rev. Fr. George Koilparambil and the first Vice-President of All Kerala Catholic Teachers' Guild, Sri T.L. Joseph master of St Mary's H.S. Chellanam.

In this meeting T.L. Joseph was elected as the President and Smt. Elsy Abraham of St Joseph's H.S. Chullikkal as Vice President. Sri K.P. Antony was selected as the secretary and Sri Augustine Simon of St Lawrence U.P.S. as treasurer. The Bishop of Cochin appointed Rev. Dr. Fr. Francis M.J. Fernandez as the spiritual Director.

The following persons were selected as the first office bearers of the KCTG Cochin Unit.

Sri P.C. Xavier, Headmaster, St Mary's LPS, Chellanam.
Sri C .A. John, Teacher, St. George UPS, Kumbalanghi.
Sri K.J. Antony, Teacher, St John De Britto AIHS, Fortkochi
Sri K.J. Thomas, Teacher, St Peter's HS, Kumbalanghi
Smt. Loretto A.E., Santa Cruz LPS, Fortkochi

Under the leadership of the above committee the working of the Teachers' Guild became more dynamic and strong. The activities of the Guild were given shape in accordance with the demands of the time under the visionary leadership of the Executive members. Various programs are organized to help the teachers, students and their parents.

To respond to the changing scenario of the society, it was commonly decided that all the catholic teachers working in the schools run by the religious be included in the Guild. The annual recollection conducted on 2nd March 2011 was the first program participated by all. In a time of moral decline, value erosion and injustice the Catholic Teachers have to be more active. KCTG unites us. Let us gather to think, work together and move ahead with our motto "Better Catholic Better Teacher".

Scholarship was instituted in remembrance of 80th birthday of our Late Bishop Dr. Joseph Kureethara for the best outgoing PLUS 2 student of each group every year.

Endowment Sponsored by the Late Headmistress of St Louis LPS, Mundamveli, Mrs Angela Vernel is awarded every year for the top scorer of Std VII of the schools under the Corporate Educational Agency.

Sri T.L. Joseph master memorial scholarship is given away every year for meritorious children of the members of Guild who study for B.Ed/TTC.

Two best students of SSLC are given Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee Memorial Scholarship of Rev. Dr. Joseph Kandanattuthara former Corporate General Manager, for the academic excellence.

Rev. Dr. Francis M.J. Fernandez.
Rev. Dr. Joseph Kandanattuthara.
Rev. Fr. Thomas Parathara.
Sri. D Souri, St George HS, Thankey.
Sri N.V. Vincent, Santa Cruz HS, Fortkochi.
Sri. P.J. George Nirmal, St George HS., Thankey.
Sri. V.J. Peter, St Mary's LPS, Chellanam.