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Dare Program is a Precautionary Movement envisaged to implement in the schools of the Diocese of Cochin from the Academic Year 2011-2012. The project will be jointly implemented by the Corporate Educational Agency and the Madyavirudha Samithy functioning under the Kerala Catholic Bishops' Conference. The program is planned as an yearly recurring training program.

Rev Fr Antony Arackal
Mr C.X Bony
Mr Job Thottukadavil
Mr Rufus Peter

To prevent and save the children who fall to the Addictive tendencies, as the Moths flying to the flames with illusionary and false concepts of indulgence and entertainment and finally tremble like living corpse, getting the wings and body burnt.

Enable the students to differentiate between good and evil by imparting them far-sighted personality training lessons.

Conduct literary and drawing competitions at school level, in subjects related to drug abuse.

Organise a "Jagratha Cell" under the patronage of the school P.T.A. to protect the school and the premises as Alcohol and Drug free area.

Phases of implementation

Give an introductory address to the students exhorting them of the immediate urgency, need and relevance of the DARE PROGRAMME and prepare them to be cautious about the menace of addiction

Conduct literary and drawing competitions in the addiction related subjects, offering attracting awards and certificates

Conduct a half day public awareness programme at the school level

To equip the P.T.A representatives and other members of Jagratha Cell to confront the menace of addiction, provide them training in basic counselling skills

Conduct a training camp at the diocesan level

Arrange follow up counselling programme in schools and extend the service to the relatives and friends of the students, if necessary