Vision & Mission
Minority Certificate

(K. Dis. 55782/79/H2, dated 16-12-1980 of DPI, Trivandrum, Kerala)

Name and Address : Corporate Educational Agency, Diocese of Cochin, Cochin 682 001

Extent: This Educational Agency is a Corporation comprising Primary and Secondary Schools established and administered under the Diocese of Cochin.

Object: The object of the Corporation is :
a) To impart sound education to children irrespective of caste, creed and community
b) To co-ordinate all the educational activities carried on under the authority of the Diocese of Cochin.

Schools: The Schools shown in Appendix list shall be under the Educational Agency. Schools opened or acquired in future shall be incorporated as and when occasion arises.

Ownership: The proprietary right over the schools under the Educational Agency is vested with the Diocese of Cochin.

Management: His Excellency the Bishop of Cochin by virtue of his office as Head of the Diocese is the legal and constitutional Head of the Educational Agency. Hence His Excellency is the General Manager of all the schools under the Educational Agency. His Excellency may exercise his powers either directly or through his Power of Attorney Holder.

Duties and Powers of Managers:
a) All the rights and powers of the Manager as per Kerala Education Act and Rules are primarily vested with His Excellency the Bishop of Cochin, the General Manager.

b) The General Manager reserves to himself exclusively (i) the right of appointment, promotion and transfer of teaching and non-teaching staff of the schools, (ii) the right to take disciplinary action against the teaching and non-teaching staff of the schools and (iii) the right to receive maintenance grants sanctioned for the Management.

Amendment: Notwithstanding anything contained in the forgoing articles His Excellency, the Bishop of Cochin being the head of the Educational Agency retains to himself the power to amend the Constitution subject to the approval of the Education Department.