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School of Medical / Engineering Entrance Coaching

Alpha Academy, the professional Entrance coaching centre under aegis of Diocese of Cochin, has become functional from September 2008. Long-term tuition oriented engineering/medical entrance coaching classes are being conducted at Catholic centre, Thoppumpady during weekends and public holidays.

The motif behind the project is the social situation where entrance coaching has become highly expensive, affordable only to students hailing from good financial situation. The students from poor families and backward situation are unable to undergo the required training for the entrance examinations and consequently they are pulled out from the scene.

We focus on these students and we are committed to provide efficient and good training to them so that they may stand with others. Students from poor families irrespective of caste and creed are admitted to this free coaching classes. Students from various schools are rigorously trained for professional college admission.

The classes are held during week ends and holidays stretching to 60 days during one academic year.

The resource persons are the best from Ernakulam, who have a long standing in entrance coaching. The study materials are prepared by experts and an objective question bank of about 10,000 selected questions are provided. The high light of the coaching programme is daily tests, discussion session, monthly tests and full length tests.

Steering Team
Rev Dr Francis Kurisinkal
Mr Benny Kuzhively
Mr Francis Xavier Puthenpurakal
Rev Sr Annies